WISE Serbia network of women in sustainable energy elects Advisory Board


The Women of Serbia in Sustainable Energy (WISE Serbia) network has elected an advisory board made up of five women – professionals in sustainable energy, climate action, and environmental protection.

The WISE Serbia Advisory Board held its first meeting at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Belgrade and elected Neda Lazendić, Country Manager at WV-International, as its chairwoman.

The WISE Serbia project promotes the active participation, representation, and strengthening of the role of women in sustainable energy, climate action, and the green economy, with a focus on their role in the energy transition and energy democratization and decentralization. A pioneering initiative in the region, the network gathers more than 220 members.

The members of the WISE Serbia Advisory Board are:

  • Maja Turković, Executive Vice President at CWP Europe
  • Neda Lazendić, Country Manager at WV-International
  • Ivona Milić, Senior ESG Specialist for Corporate Clients at Raiffeisen Bank
  • Iva Đinđić, Lead Expert Associate for Contracts at Elektromreža Srbije
  • Ankica Barbulov, Managing Director of Negawatt Solutions

Lazendić: WISE is a special network

One of the items on the meeting’s agenda was the appointment of the chairwoman of the Board, and Neda Lazendić was elected unanimously.

Photo: Neda Lazendić

“Although I am a member of many associations, WISE Serbia is a special network to me. The position of women in the energy sector has improved significantly in recent years, precisely thanks to the mutual support and networking of women who share a similar business philosophy, as well as the exchange of knowledge and experience. WISE Serbia is the environment that has provided me with that,” said Lazendić.

In a spirited discussion on the current and planned activities of the WISE network of women, the members agreed on a shared intention to further strengthen their presence and influence both in the energy sector and in society at large.

This year, WISE Serbia will launch a mentorship program for young women in energy and climate jobs or female students in their final years of university, or in post-graduate studies. They will be mentored by members of the WISE Serbia network.


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