About us

The WISE Serbia project (Women of Serbia in Sustainable Energy) promotes the active participation, representation, and strengthening of the role of women in sustainable energy, climate action, and green economy with a focus on the role of women in the energy transition, democratization, and decentralization of energy.

WISE Serbia is the second phase of the project implemented in 2017-2018. a year and is implemented by the civil society organization Center for the Promotion of Sustainable Development – CPSD in partnership with the – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GIZ within the project “Promotion of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency in Serbia”.

The WISE Serbia project continues to support women who are professionally engaged in sustainable energy, climate action, and green economy, representing, and connecting them within the WISE Serbia women’s network.

At the same time, the project also supports women who are not professionally engaged in the energy sector but are users of energy.

The results of the project will be presented at a conference to be held in Belgrade in September 2023. At the conference, the winners of the first Female Leader of Energy Transition award will be announced. They are chosen for outstanding results in the promotion of green energy.

The goal of the project itself is to empower women, network them, and make them more visible and ready to contribute through their professional activities and engagement to the adoption of policies that create a framework for the transition to a sustainable, green, and low-carbon future of Serbia.

Do you have an idea for cooperation and partnership?

Center for Promotion of Sustainable Development – CPOR

The Center for the Promotion of Sustainable Development (CPOR) is a civil society organization based in Belgrade. The goal of the organization is to promote the concept of sustainable development in Serbia and the region of Southeast Europe with a focus on the sector of sustainable energy, climate change, environmental protection, green economy, and gender equality, through awareness raising, advocacy, dissemination of information, public education and organizing events.

CPSD is well-connected and achieves cooperation and partnerships with many domestic and international organizations, institutions, and companies, whose strategies, development programs, and activities contribute to the achievement of sustainable development.

CPSD was founded in 2014, and in 2015 it launched and manages the Balkan Green Energy News portal. From 2021 until today, CPSD has organized 3 large conferences and several round tables.